Backdrops by MammothBooth!

We’re not a boring, cramped, black box photobooth. We’re MammothBooth!, and we’d like to welcome you to the future. Let’s make your event the most ridiculous, off-the-wall, custom experience you could imagine. Part of the way we make that happen is by giving you choices.

You’re good with just the simple white? That’s awesome.

Want to spice things up, but not break the bank? We get that too, that’s why we offer our Previously Loved backdrops so you can party with someone else’s custom choice for a fraction of the price. Or, you could let us put together a Semi-Custom option using colors and themes from your day (streamers and puffs, and tassels, oh my!)

Or maybe you just say, “Listen, we’re not here to mess around.” To which we say “Let’s do this freaking thing.” and make you the most ridiculously awesome custom backdrop or curated props you can dream up. We like doing that too. 

So make your choice, make it boldly. Then all you have left to do is sit back, relax, and get ready to party your face off at your event. 


White - $FREE


Previously Loved (Chevron) - $150


Previously Loved (Hypnotic Yellow) - $150

Previously Loved (Greek Key) - $150


Hanging Puffs (Any Color Combination) - $200


Streamers (Gold or Silver) - $150

Streamers (Paper, Any Color) - $100

Full Custom - $JUSTASK